Polyurethanes are an affordable, long-lasting, and highly effective way to protect your surfaces and add that professional finish to your project. You’ve worked so hard to create a beautiful surface, so choose a polyurethane that enhances the colour by giving you a high gloss wet look, while also adding a protective and highly durable coating to your substrate. Polyurethanes are typically used as a final protection coat on epoxy flooring, particularly in commercial areas. They can also be used on concrete resurfacing where the longevity of the project is the main focus.

You can rely on Langwei for an affordable and high-quality range of products that also offer effective protection from scuffs and scratches and UV resistance. This makes our polyurethane products ideal for both interior and exterior flooring.

Choose the perfect Polyurethane for your project

Whatever the surface, whatever the finish, whatever the budget - we have a range of polyurethane products to suit.

Concrete and masonry surfaces are in safe hands with our products, Professionally formulated to give you a smooth yet hard-wearing coating, It provides excellent UV resistance and an anti-graffiti coating while still retaining colour and gloss for a superior finish.

For the latest in water-based Polyurethane technology, Our clear and low-odour topcoat offers superior toughness against wear and tear, with a non-yellowing clear finish that is easy-to-apply and also protects against oil damage.

A finish you can be proud of from Langwei

If you’ve laid a superior surface, don’t settle for a second best finish. Choose a polyurethane finish that offers the best possible protection against scratches, chemicals, UV damage, and more without spoiling your natural finish. With our products, you’re in safe hands.

If you need help choosing the right polyurethane finish for your concrete flooring, contact the experts at Langwei today. We can help you protect and maintain your decorative concrete floor so that it looks like new.