Precautions of gass glue

1, the most common problem of glass glue is to change black mold, even the use of waterproof glass glue, mold glass glue can not completely avoid the occurrence of such problems. Therefore, long-term water or flooding places should not be constructed.

2. Those who have knowledge about glass glue should know that glass glue is an organic substance and is easily dissolved in oil, xylene, acetone and other organic solvent substances. Therefore, glass glue cannot be applied to substrates containing such substances.

3, ordinary glass glue must have the participation of the moisture in the air to cure, except special and special purpose glass glue (such as anaerobic glue), so if you want to construct a sealed space and extremely dry, then ordinary glass The glue will not be competent.

4. The surface of the glass glue to be bonded to the substrate must be clean and there must be no other attachments (such as dust, etc.). Otherwise, the glass glue will be cured and peel off.

5, acidic glass glue in the curing process will release a pungent gas, has the role of stimulating the eyes and respiratory tract, so be sure to open the doors and windows after construction, to be fully cured and wait for the gas to be discharged before they can stay.