product description of single component polyurethane sealant

product description:

Water-swelling sealant is a solvent-free one-component elastic sealant that expands in water. It is a urethane paste based on a polyurethane pre-form containing special grafting technology. The dual seal sealing mechanism with elastic sealing of rubber and volume expansion and sealing after water exposure is suitable for waterproofing of concrete construction joints and leakage prevention of various embedded components. Water swelling sealant can be cured in a humid environment. The curing time depends on the ambient temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature or humidity, the shorter the curing time. After surface hardening (waterstop glue curing), the next concrete placement is ready.

Performance characteristics:

1. It is excellent in workability because it is a wet hardening single liquid type.

2. When water swells, the water stop effect can be more reliably achieved.

3. Good adhesion to concrete, metal, glass, etc.