pvc waterproofing membrane construction technology


Base surface cleaning - → Shop polyethylene film - → Laying insulation board - → Pre-PVC waterproof membrane - → Fasteners fixed PVC waterproofing membrane - → Hot-air welding PVC waterproof membrane - → node site to strengthen the treatment - → Check, Trimming - → organization acceptance

C / PVC waterproofing membrane full stick system construction technology

Construction points:

• Grass-roots surface cleaning, dust, sand, debris clean.

• Prior to paving, arrange the dimensions on the uncoated base surface, ejecting the marking line as the reference line for laying the web.

• Apply base coat glue to base layers and additional layers of the webs at the joints such as exhaust ducts and split seams. Room temperature, dry for 5-10 minutes or more, refers to the touch is not sticky, you can paste the coil to do additional layer.

• Open the entire web on a clean, flat base to relax the web stress and lift the web from one end to the other. At the grassroots level coated with base glue, at the same time the grassroots glue coated on the surface of the membrane, leaving 100mm joints do not glue, glue thickness to be uniform, there may be no leakage of the bottom or gel blocks exist. Open at room temperature for about 5-10 minutes to reach dry (feel non-stick) can fit.

• The pavement of the membrane with the flat surface connected to the vertical wall is made from bottom to top with the seams left on the plane. The seams at the yoke angle are more than 200mm from the yin and yang angle, the short joints of the two coils are offset by more than 500mm, Long edge lap is not less than 80mm.