PVC Waterstop Basic Use

Embedded in concrete, across and/or along the joint, waterstops form a watertight diaphragm that prevents the passage of liquid through the joint. PVC waterstops are precision

engineered for vertical and horizontal expansion joints between cast-in-place concrete units where conditions may subject the concrete to hydro-static pressure or moisture seepage. They are manufactured with the highest quality PVC to provide the strongest tensile strength and elongation capabilities possible with a superior resistance to alkalis, acids, ozone and waterborne


Beijing Langwei’s complete line of shapes and sizes assures a long, lasting, watertight seal for every above or below grade concrete structure.They do not discolour concrete, nor do they produce or support electrolytic action with metal structures nearby or with embedded rebar steel.

PVC waterstops maintain their integrity indefinitely. They are the premium choice for strength, impermeability and elongation.