Remedial Waterproofing With Chemical Grouting

We offer a guaranteed approach for leaking cracks, without expensive waterproofing membranes, which is unique to your area, let us prove it.

For over 40 years, chemical has been used to stop leaks in basements, commercial buildings, dams, manholes, parking garages, reservoirs, storage tanks, subways, tunnels, wastewater treatment plants, and in other structures. There are three primary reasons why chemical grout is the material of choice to stop leaks:

Remains Flexible

Chemical grouts cure without becoming hard or brittle. This allows the grouts to be compressed or expanded without harm if the crack should decrease or increase in size due to continued movement of the concrete structure.

Forms a Permanent Seal

Chemical grouts form an adhesive bond, a mechanical lock, and a compression seal with the walls of the crack the grouts fill. This prevents any water from by-passing the grout by migrating between it and the walls of the crack. Chemical grouts are also extremely resistant to chemical attack.

Safe to Use

Chemical Grouts are safe to install when applied by trained crews. Some chemical grouts are approved for contact with potable water, and some are approved for use near food preparation.