Seepage surface construction

1. Base treatment requires moisture, solid, clean, flat. Uneven choice Top up plugging Wang plus 2 times the weight of sand leveling, the base seepage serious, should be cited in the appropriate position to lead the water hole to lead the leakage of water concentration.

2. Ingredients: Serious seepage and seepage matrix should be used to speed up the condensate plugging Ling Ling, mixed evenly (according to the time required for the ratio), the powder according to powder: water = 1: 0.3 ~ 0.35 Stir into a uniform Containing raw materials or raw materials) putty-like. An ingredient should not be too much, so as not to waste solidification.

3. Feeding "according to the surface method" order to do a total of two to three times. Specific approach: Dry the base surface with a dry cloth, quickly with a trowel on the first layer of material, if there is leakage do not control him: to be cured after coating the second layer of material on the surface dry: If there is more water seepage , Then use the same method on the third layer of material, if only partial seepage, just add another layer of water seepage, until no leakage. Feeding a little harder and back and forth a few times to make the coating dense, while paying attention to lap. Each layer of material about 1.2kg / square, the total amount of material: two layers of about 2.4kg / square, three layers of about 3.6kg / square, coating thickness: two layers of about 1.5mm, three layers of about 2.2mm .

4. Moisturizing conservation with no seepage surface construction of Article 4.