single polyurethane sealant

Water-swelling water-stop plastic is a self-developed one-component water swelling, moisture curing, flexible sealant. It is based on polyurethane prepolymer, containing a special grafting technology urethane paste body, after curing has the volume expansion with water seal and elastic sealing water seal double sealing mechanism. Water Expansion Sealing Glue is a one-component, solvent-free polyurethane sealant that expands upon contact with water to provide a good water stopping effect. It has good filling and adhesion to ensure product filling Cracks and voids, thus suitable for wet, smooth and rough surface; unique flexibility to ensure that it is suitable for irregular base surface waterproof joints; has good resistance to chemical media performance; easy to use. Water-swelling sealing plastic is mainly applied to industrial and civil engineering underground engineering, municipal tunnels, protection engineering, mountain and water tunnels, subway, sewage treatment ponds and other construction joints (including post-pouring zone), deformation joints and embedded components Waterproofing, as well as seepage water treatment of existing works. Water-swelling sealant is also used to seal structural joints and pipe leaks, such as rough or smooth structural joints in concrete castings; seams between prefabricated parts (such as run-in, box-type ditches, cables Ditch, pipe trench, etc.); seams around the H-section steel; gaps around the sealing bolts or pre-cast holes, etc .