Stop Concrete Water Tank leaks

Handy hints – for your concrete water tank leak

6 Points to consider !

Concrete Water Tanks have been around for many years and are a permanent inclusion in the country landscape. Poured on site tank are usually large in volume and have been around for many years.

If you have a concrete water tank there are some basic things that should be done to prolong the service life of these great water storage solutions. Many of the tanks we end up repairing have been let go for many years without the owners considering what is happening to there tank.

Things to focus on are - Never leave a Concrete Water Tank dry for more than a month time period. Concrete drys out and then starts to structurally break down and turns concrete into dry powder / mortar, no longer holding together, concrete needs  that moisture. Membranes and Liners will seperate the water inside a tank from the concrete wall / floor, keep that in mind.

 1. The overflow pipe on the tank must be piped away from the tank so the water overflowing doesn't sit around the base of the tank. 6 meters away.

 2. A water tank where water sits around the base in winter conditions is a recipe for disaster down the track. The base of the tank will subside to the wet side over many years and cracks will then start to appear in your tank when the base moves. Keep the base of your tank dry at all times with the relevant drainage. Spoon drains,etc.

 3. Don't plant trees,shrubs,plants, around the tank, roots will penetrate the concrete floor of tanks over time looking for water especially in dry months. We have seen many tanks where the floors have cracked due to tree's roots pushing from underneath.

 4. The majority of the tanks we repair the cracks will show up on the overflow side of the tank, ( that half of the tank ), this is usually where the base has been wet for many years and movement to that side occurrs.

 5. Consider how long water tank cracks have been leaking - some cracks can sit in a paddock and leak for 20 + years, this will then effect the steel reinforcement inside the tank wall and floors weakening the structural strength of the tank.

 6. The earlier you can repair concrete water tank leaks the stronger your tank will be for future years.

Concrete water tanks provide a lovely fresh, chrisp tasting water which you don’t find in modern day water storage solutions.

We find most hobby farmers, farmers, home owners want the old style country living that a tree change bring’s.

Repair your concrete water tank leaks and save for the future !