swell Polyurethane sealant construction process

1) Check the distribution point

Select the drilling position, the drilling position is selected at a distance of 10cm from the corner is appropriate, drill a hole diameter of 20mm depth of 25cm, embedded 30cm long catheter, the distribution location for the left and right position a range of 2 meters.

2) ceiling openings

Using a paper knife to take a 20cmX20cm square hole to facilitate the construction operations, but also easy to repair as a benchmark.

3) Dense catheter

Select 10cm plastic injection catheter as required and place it in a catheter. Fix the catheter with a wrench.

4) high-pressure plastic injection

Use 700kg high-pressure plastic injection machine, perfusion A, B material waterproofing curing glue, check the injection of plastic saturation and the situation.

5) Investigation note tape placement

During the construction process, attention should be paid to the number and location of injection-blankets to check whether they meet the requirements. Generally, a distance of 10 cm from the corner is appropriate, a round hole with a diameter of 20 mm and a depth of 25 cm is drilled and a 30 cm long catheter is embedded, Location 2 meters range of a distribution point.

6) Water storage test

After the completion of plastic injection to confirm the solidification began 24 hours, no leakage as qualified.

7) Repair the catheter hole

After the construction is completed, the hole opened with plugging the king to carry out a close seal.