Swimming Pool Leakage Waterproofing

Swimming Pool Leakage Waterproofing Repair

1.Swimming Pool Inspection

Special Water leakage inspection for swimming pool. Employ the most effective waterproofing solution to stop water leakage cause by cracks.

2.Swimming Pool Water Leakage Assessment

Perform the best method by no hacking repair method suitable to stop water leak.

3.Waterproofing Repair

Stop water from leaking in areas where a constant amount of water is always present. Cost effective waterproofing method to stop water leakage.


Access that there's no water leaking from any part in your basement. A through 100% water leakage inspection will be performed.

Understanding The Cause Of Swimming Pool Leakage

When a swimming pool’s waterproofing system is old, the integrity of the waterproofing system may be compromised due to wear and tear, structural movement, or soil settlement. Once the waterproofing system fails, the pool of water contained in the swimming pool will constantly escape through the damaged areas. These are some tell-tale signs of a leaking swimming pool:

1.Visible water stains or puddles around the swimming pool

2.Spike in water bills without any increase in water usage in the house

3.If you are re-filling your swimming pool at faster rate than the past

A leaking swimming pool is a frustrating problem because it is difficult to pin-point the exact spot where the swimming pool water leakage is occurring. It is especially important to work with waterproofing specialist contractor when it comes to repairing swimming pool’s leakage problem because it is exorbitantly expensive to hack and remove the entire swimming pool’s waterproofing system and re-installing the entire system over again.

An experienced and knowledgeable waterproofing specialist contractor can detect and isolate the leakage areas and specifically repair the affected areas. It is very common for swimming pools to face structural leakages and only waterproofing specialist contractors will be able to detect the spot of structural leakages and carry out isolation repair. It is important for the waterproofing membrane or resin to be able to withstand positive hydrostatic pressures.