The Application In The Industry of The Silicone Sealants

Silicone sealant is widely applied in the automobiles, electric, electronics and more other industry and has vast development prospects as an important industrial raw material.

1.The application on the automobile and other transportation tools
It is typically used in form-in-place sealing gaskets and automobile engines, windshields, door and window frames, retroreflectors, exhaust pipes, car lights, meters, containers, truck bed and other equipments that are vulnerable to water.
Silicone sealant is resistant to water and lubricant, and enables to be applied in the water pumps, water tanks, engines, gear cases, cam cases, transformers and hydraulic systems. 

2.The application in the electricity
Silicone sealant has excellent in insulating heat preservation and low thermal expansion; Its water-proof ability helps to the cured adhesives that prevent the condensate water from entering; The corrosion resistance ensures the long –term work in the acid and salt environment; The excellent aging resistance prolong its lifetime to 50 years, so a large quantity of silicone sealant is applied to insulate, seal, bond, package, and to resist corrosion.

3. The application in the electronics and wireless industry.
RT cure silicone sealant is widely used in the package, bonding, coating, potting and dipping in this industry, and to encapsulate the integrated circuits, micromembrane components, thick membrane parts, electronic composited parts or the whole device. The parts in the adhesives layers are very clear and the accurate parameter can be measured.

Silicone sealant is used to bond, secure, seal, insulate and to resist shock.