The Re-injectable Injection Hose System For Sealing Construction Joints In Watertight Structures


Re-injectable hose with unique integral ‘valves’ for sealing and possibly resealing construction joints in watertight structures against water and salt water ingress.

Where to Use

Re-injectable hose is used to seal construction joints in watertight structures against water and salt water ingress. It is cast into the construction joints with the concrete. To seal the joint, Re-injectable hose can be injected with suitable injection materials including acrylic and polyurethane resins, or microfine cement suspensions. If necessary the joint can be sealed again by re-injection, provided either the acrylic resin or microfine cement has been used for the initial injection.


Uses unique valve techniques for injection

Re-injectable with acrylic resins and microfine cement suspensions

Injectable with polyurethane resins

Easy to install

Suitable for many different structures and construction methods

Long-term references on many international projects