Two-Component Polysulfide Sealant

Two-component polysulfide sealant, as known as a two-component, non-sag, premium polysulfide sealant, which is also called polysulfide sealant for building made up of liquid polysulfide rubber, and add tackifying resin, vulcanizing agent, accelerant and fortifier into it. It contains two components and it can vulcanize and crosslink by itself at room temperature. The two components have clear color difference, which makes the mixing more convenient. It can keep good air tightness and water resistance in continuous vibration and temperature changes. In addition, it has a good bonding effect for metal, concrete and other materials.

The polysulfide sealant is suitable for outdoor or indoor and can be used to seal both static and dynamic joints:

●Used to caulk at concrete, building, and bridge.

●Used in anti-leakage caulking of various types of expansion joints, such as waterworks, swimming pools, reservoirs, power plants, dams, sewage treatment works and water supply and drainage systems and other projects.

●Used as the joints of precast concrete, and the seams of the glass and construction.

●Used in the seaming of metal siding, and the bonding of aluminum window frame.

Using method

●Add component B and pigment into component A;

●Stir quickly up and down until it is well mixed;

●Wipe the mixed sealant in the site where is waiting for construction with a small shovel;

●Don´t soak and contact with water within 48 hours after construction.


●Component B should be fully added into component A, which will affect the curing time and plasticity;

●The available time of mixed sealant is 2 hours. So the sealant should be used up as soon as possible after preparation to avoid the paste curing;

●The surfaces waiting for construction must be clean, dry and frost-free, and must be free of oils, grease, paints, coatings, sealers, curing compound residues, and any other foreign matter that might prevent adhesion;

●Notice to avoid water and rain within 48 hours after construction.