Two Component Silicone Structural Glazing Sealant


1.Two-component, neutral, curing at room temperature, high modulus structural silicone sealant for glazed curtain wall. When mixed A and B components at certain rate, it will cure quickly to a non-corrosive, cold and heat resistance tough elastomeric silicone rubber.

2.Excellent weatherability and high resistance to ozone ultraviolet radiation, long using life.

3.Excellent primerless adhesion to wide range of substrates including glass, aluminum, steel,etc.

4.Good compatibility with the sealant and other neutral silicone sealant.

5. It is available in black color, part A is white and part B is black, mix ratio by volume: A:B=10:1(mix ratio by weight: A:B=14:1).

Main application

1.Bonding and sealing of all types of metallic coated glass.

2.Bonding and sealing of Glass roof.

3.Bonding and sealing of mechanical, medical and electronic equipment.

4. For other construction and industrial applications.


1.Part A: 190L/metal barrel, Part B: 19L/plastic barrel

2.Part A: 20L/plastic barrel, Part B: 2L/plastic barrel

Standard: GB/T16776-2005, ASTM C 1184, ETAG 002.