Water stops are for use in concrete joints subjected to hydrostatic pressures. After being embedded in concrete, PVC water stops fill up the joints to form a continuous watertight diaphragm that prevents the pas-sage of fluid. The water stop must be designed and installed properly to accommodate joint expansions, con-traction and lateral & transverse movements.

Waterstops Types:

Our company provides different types of water stops depending on the applications and clients requirements.

PVC water stops

Rubber water stops

Water Stops Features

Supplied in coils as per site requirements, which are easily handled, flexible and may be bent around corners or formed in curves as re-quired.

Can be spliced in the site according to the desired designs, thermostati-cally controlled, electric splicing irons.

Installing holes could be added at the installation area, it could facilitate fixed with adjacent reinforced, and not produce shifting.

Can be produced in a different thicknesses

Typical Applications For PVC Waterstops

Water and waste water treatment facilities

Dams, lock, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts


Swimming pools

Primary and secondary containment structures

Sewage treatment plants

Tunnels and culverts