Two Component Grouting Injection Pump

Two Component Grouting Injection Pump
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Two Component Grouting Injection Pump 

Two Component Grouting Injection Pump is a professional machine for structure reinforcement, leak stoppage, easy to maintain. The parts of machine aren’t deformed when being injected. Besides, Two Component Grouting Injection Pump can avoid the inconvenience of heavy machinery for workers and is the best tool for the persons who work on the professional water-sealing project. 


Net weight


Maximum output pressure


Pressure of starting again

Less than 7500psi

Safe range of high pressure pipe

Less than 1400psi

Safe range of switch valve

Less than 18000psi

Safe range of the nozzle

Less than 16000psi

The length of hose






Fast Construction:upgrade to 0 ~ 6000psi work pressure in a few seconds, faster than other models on perfusion.  

Durability:when the pressure is up to 8000psi (Max), the parts of the body will keep their shapes.

Simple repair:it can be repaired in the construction site, avoiding stopping working because of sending for maintenance due to mechanical failure.

Applicable materials

1:1 matching double-liquid non particle low-viscosity liquid.

1. Double liquid-type PU foam waterproofing plugging agent, insulation material,

2. Double liquid-type quick-setting PU,epoxy reinforcing agent


Leakage blocking, strengthening and reinforcing for subway tunnel, culvert, structure hives, crack, second construction joint and so on.



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Beijing Langwei Times Technology and Science Co.,Ltd. was established in 2004 and specializes in the pretreatment of civil construction special parts. We are a professional and innovative company with strong independent R&D capabilities. Our products are widely applied to subways, municipal administrations, tunnels, reservoirs, hydro dams and mines.

As an expert company in this field, we are always exploring the pretreatment product research of civil construction, later maintenance, maintaining technology and optimization and innovation of technology, getting fruitful results. In the last years, we have insisted on improving the product quality and customers' value, to promote powerful, steady development of enterprise.

Our offerings include waterproof product systems, grout product systems, grouting equipment systems and waterproof material systems. Our successful projects include the subways in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Chengdu and Shenyang, hydropower stations in Danjiangkou, Xiangjiaba and Tingzikou, mines in South Africa, and other domestic and overseas first-class civil construction and public buildings.

We aim to provide high-quality products and value-added technical service for global customers.To begin sourcing, contact us today.



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