One Time Injection Hose For Waterproofing

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One Time  Injection Hose For Waterproofing

One-time Pre-installed Grouting Hose

LW(II Type) One-time pre-installed grouting hose is a kind of unique designed grouting hose systems.It is used the stainless steel spring as supporting frame, a layer of non-woven cloth filter in the middle and nylon mesh as outer layer.It is suitable for prevention of water sealing in concrete joints.After grouting,it can seal any crevice and holes in the joint area.

It has the excellent properties of easy installation, reasonable price, simplified work, short working time and no leakage. This product is an ideal tubular waterproof material pre-installed in structual joints.


1.The pre-installed hose can inject the water through the pressure on site and confirm the sealing property of the joint,it only grout when the joint leaks.

2.Rigid core. It won't be pressed flat under concrete pressure and ensure the usage of the grouting unobstructed.

3.There is no non-woven cloth filter layer outside supporting frame, it is allowed water and grout flow through, keep cement outside of the hose and make grouting liquid flow smoothly.

4.Flexibility. it can be placed in the corner expediently,it doesn’t need to cut and connect.

5.Apply to disposable various of grouting material.

6.Easy,fast,firm installation.


Waterproof and maintenance for construction joints, pre-install grouting channel in metro, tunnel, waterworks,sewage plant,swimming pool,park, dam, lock, reservoir, nuclear power station ,bridge, cofferdam, commercial and industrial building, garage, stadium, aquarium ,water tank,etc.

Package :100m/roll


No damage the package during transportation and storage.
Put in dry, ventilated place, keep away from sunlight.
Prohibit from contacting acid, alkalis, oil, organic solvent heat source,etc.
Keep it in-house, sealed and no pressure.

Guarantee period

12 months

With consummate production technique and advanced equipment, Langwei Times is known as one of the leading one time injection hose for waterproofing manufacturers and suppliers in China. You are rest assured that you can purchase the one time injection hose for waterproofing online with us. We can guarantee the products with high quality and low price.

One-time injection hose is widely used in waterproof and maintenance for construction joints,pre-install grouting channal in metro,tunnel,waterworks,sewage plant,swimming pool,park,dam,lock,reservoir,nuclear power stationbridge,cofferdam,commercial and industrial building,garage,stadium,aquarium ,water tank,etc.Injection hose has better performance with simple installation.