Re-injectable Grout Hose

Re-injectable Grout Hose
Product Details

Re-injectable Grout Hose

Product Introduction

Re-injectable grout hose is one of the specially designed solid PVC injection pipe systems. It can be mounted on the internal cement joint, used to waterproof and seal any gaps and holes on the joint area. It can seal joints then make them water-tight, if leakage appears in the future, we can also provide complete maintenance program. LW system can be used to repeated grouting when portland cement, fine cement or acrylic grouting resin used. Using LW re-injection hose system (Re - inject) can improve waterproof technology. The advanced grouting system can exactly realized “ zero leak”. In addition to its advantages of easy installation and reasonable price, LW system can also simplify the work and make sure the joints not leaking.


1.Can pass leaking test

a. Can confirm the sealing property of the construction joint at scene

b. To grout only when the joint leaking

2.Hose can be unlimited re-injected

a. If there are still crack or new cracks, hose can be grouted again, effectively reduce the complicated process of changing tools

b. Neoprene as one-way valve can effectively prevent the grouting back flowing under backpressure

Rigid core

c. Won't be pressed flat under concrete pressure so as to make the use of the grouting unobstructed

3.Resistance to chemical corrosion

a. The material is durable, contains no metal, will not be corroded when contacting with polyurethane, ethylene resin, epoxy resin or cement.


Expediently placed in the corner, no need to cut and connect.

Application of Re-injectable Grout Hose

 Subway, tunnel

 Water and sewage treatment plants

 Swimming pool and water amusement park

 Nuclear power station

 The dam, lock, canals, reservoir and ditch

 Primary and secondary cofferdam facilities


 Commercial and industrial buildings, garage, stadium

 Aquarium, tank and similar structure

Technical Data



Internal diameter


External diameter


Out hole

Gap between holes












Grouting materials

Suitable grouting material must meet the requirements of the joint. Here are two kinds of grouting material are alternative. Want to know more information, please contact Beijing Lang Wei times science and technology Co.,Ltd.

1. Acrylic resin: water swellable 1.5 times.Acrylic resin is a kind of low viscosity resin,which can penetrate fine cracks and capillary and seal them permanently. Acid, alkali, many solvent and fuel resistance. It is easy to clean the equipment and tools which are polluted by this resin with water.

2.Superfine cement: a kind of single compound, micro cement based on the state of suspending liquid, use directly. It can mix with water in high speed, form a kind of low viscosity, high permeability cement suspended matter. This fine property makes it able to penetrate the subtle gap, seal them reliably.


Stored in a cover place, avoid oil, dirt, concrete rubble and others getting into the hose.

Quality guarantee period

According to the suggestion way in the seal and original conditions, it can be stored permanently.