Disposable Medical Face Mask

Disposable Medical Face Mask
Product Details

Disposable Medical Face Mask

Product Name: Disposable Medical Face Mask

Product Specification:17.8x9.5cm(Adult universal)

Product performance structure and composition

This product is made of mask body, nose clip, mask belt

Product Scope and Uses

Mainly used for respiratory protection of relevant personnel, can be filtered. Particles in the air block droplets and various microorganisms.

Instructions Wear in the mouth and nose

Precautions, warnings and information instructions

1.It is limited to one-time use and destroyed after use.

2.The packaging is damaged and its use is prohibited.

3.Use with caution if you are allergic to non-woven fabrics.

4.Please refer to the instructions for use before use.

Special storage conditions and methods 

Store at a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas and well-ventilated rooms, avoid high temperature, keep away from fire and flammable materials.


YY / T0969-2013

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