KN95 Face Masks

KN95 Face Masks
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KN95 Face Masks


Protect yourself or families from airborne particles!

These KN95 face masks can help avoid inhalation of the viruses and bacteria that transmit the flu or do harm to your health. The mask covers the nose, mouth and chin well, and the adjustable nose clip can help prevent dust particles and allergens from entering the airways and causing potential harm.


Product name: KN95 face mask

Color: White

Protection class: KN95

Filtering rate: ≥95%


KN95 masks: breathable, anti dust, sanitary and convenient for using. Help to avoid or reduce the inhalation of harmful substances.

Filtration efficiency reaches 95%: The masks provide anti-bacterial and anti-dust protection against airborne particulates, saliva or the droplet.

Safe and comfortable: made of high quality material, safe and soft for daily wearing,reducing skin irritation, thicker version, safer than other masks.

Universally fit: Elastic ear loops and adjustable nose clip make these KN95 masks fit for most people.Perfect for daily use and outdoor activities.

Suitable for respiratory protection, filtering dust, haze, bacteria, droplets and other harmful particles in the air. It can only be used once and destroyed after use.



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