107 Glue

Especially when the wall is uneven, it can be used to smooth out. It can also be used in addition to 903, when the wall is not flat, with 107 plastic effect is better, the price is lower, but not as good as 903 plastic.

107 Colloidal name is polyvinyl formal adhesive, which is a water-based solution or emulsion to form an adhesive. Because 107 has the characteristics of no burning, low price, easy to use, etc., it is widely used in construction engineering and can be used as base material for construction adhesives and various interior and exterior wall coatings and floor coatings.

In 2001, due to the excessively excessive formaldehyde content of 107 glue, the Ministry of Construction included it in the list of building materials that were eliminated, and it was banned from use in home decoration. However, due to its low cost and special properties, 107 is still being used, and there is no better alternative to non-polluting materials.