Quality Problems And Analysis Of Epoxy Grout

Quality Problems and Analysis of Epoxy Grout
 Honeycomb refers to the concrete Epoxy Grout structure of local crisp, mortar less stone, stone between the formation of similar honeycomb-like gap.
To prevent the generation of honeycombs can take some of the following measures:
1, the construction unit to determine the reasonable determination of concrete Epoxy Grout, Yang Xiangrui Zhi Epoxy Grout slump, commercial concrete epoxy grouting preparation unit according to the proposed slump and construction of the actual situation to adjust the concrete epoxy grouting Mixing ratio makes the concrete epoxy grouting mixture with the appropriate yield shear stress and viscosity, there is sufficient amount of mortar, and have good stability, does not produce segregation.
2, pay attention to the quality of mold. Templates to be seamless, holes, when assembled to be strict, you must always take some sealing measures.
3, strictly control the cutting height, too high when the use of string or chute into.
4, layered blind chat, layered vibrator, control the thickness of each layer, and pay attention not to leak vibration. Numbness refers to the concrete Epoxy Grout local surface appears shallow pulp and many small pits, pitting.
The technical measures to prevent the occurrence of hemp are:
1, the template to clean up. Pouring concrete Epoxy Grout before the wood template to be fully wetted, steel template to even brush the release agent. In the concrete Epoxy Grout with the design, pay attention to control the viscosity of cement slurry.
2, blocking Yan sewing, and in the pouring process in a timely manner to deal with leakage of pulp.
3, vibrating dense.
4, the hole is a concrete component in a larger gap, no concrete epoxy concrete grouting, or particularly large honeycomb.
To prevent the formation of holes can take the following measures:
1, in the steel intensive use of high strength grade of fine stone concrete epoxy grouting, Epoxy Grout seriously tamping, if necessary, can be manually intertwined with.
2, in the reserved hole, should be cut from both sides of its both, carefully pound, to ensure that the reserved hole around the dense.
3, when the components are reserved holes, embedded parts, etc. may be concrete epoxy grouting down the blocked parts, a pouring height can not be buried these parts.
4, carefully carried out concrete epoxy grouting with the design to ensure that concrete epoxy grouting does not produce more obvious segregation and bleeding.
The dew is the main reinforcement inside the concrete epoxy grouting, the sub-tendons or the stirrups are exposed and are not covered by concrete epoxy grouting. When there are exposed bars, the following measures should be taken:
1, check the thickness of the protective layer of steel, if the thickness of the protective layer of steel requirements, and because of non-dense or die sticking off the protective layer of steel bars exposed, then wash the exposed steel, in the surface wiping 1: 2 cement mortar.
2, if the reinforcement layer is insufficient, or because the steel close to the template caused by the local no protective layer, in addition to take measures to fill, but also should take on the concrete Epoxy Grout, steel protection measures