Grout Construction Method

Grout construction method
First, Grout should be prepared before the mixing equipment, Grout equipment, templates and maintenance items.

First, the second Grout, the template and the equipment base around the horizontal distance should be controlled at 100mm or so; the top of the template should not be lower than the top of the equipment base 50mm.

Second, the concrete structure reinforcement, the template support should be left enough Grout hole and exhaust hole, Grout aperture of not less than 50mm, spacing of not more than 1000mm.

Third, the cement-based Grout material mixing, should be in accordance with the product requirements of water consumption of water. Should adopt mechanical mixing. Mixing should first add 2/3 of the water mix for about 3min, and then add the remaining water mixing until uniform, mixing site should be close to the Grout site.

Four, anchor bolts anchor Grout:

⑴ when the anchor bolts into the hole, the bolt hole wall rough, clean the hole should be, no floating ash, oil and other impurities, watering before soaking 8 ~ 12h, remove the hole in the accumulation of inflammation.

⑵ Grout should be removed before the anchor bolts on the surface of the oil and rust.

⑶ Mix the cement-based Grout material into the bolt hole, you can adjust the position of the bolt as needed. During the filling process is strictly prohibited vibrator, may be appropriate pound, Grout after the end of the bolt can not be adjusted again.

Fifth, the equipment based secondary Grout:

⑴ before Grout, should be in contact with the Grout material equipment floor and concrete foundation surface clean, no loose gravel, floating slurry, floating ash, oil, wax and so on. 24 hours before Grout, the surface of the concrete should be fully wetted, 1h before Grout, remove the water.

⑵ secondary Grout, should be Grout from one side, until the other side of the overflow so far, not from the opposite sides of the same time Grout. After the start of the Grout, it must be carried out continuously and the filling time as short as possible.

⑶ track basis or Grout distance is longer, depending on the actual project can be segmented construction, each length should not exceed 5 meters. If the equipment floor has a complex structure, should use pressure Grout.

⑷ in the Grout process is strictly prohibited vibrating, if necessary, can be used Grout booster, booster along the direction of the slurry flow to promote the Grout material, is strictly prohibited from the middle of the Grout layer to promote.

⑸ equipment foundation Grout is completed, it is appropriate in the Grout material after the initial setting along the edge of the floor to the outside people cut 45 ° angle, such as can not be trimming treatment, should be used after the initial setting with a spatula Grout layer surface calendering.

Six, concrete structure transformation and reinforcement Grout:

⑴ cement-based Grout material contact with the concrete surface should be fully chiseled.

⑵ concrete structural defects repair, should be removed crisp loose concrete and exposed steel, the patch area will be cut into vertical shape.

⑶ should be removed before Grout all the gravel, dust or other debris, and wet the concrete surface.

⑷ mix the homogenized grout into the template and tap the template appropriately.

⑸ Grout layer thickness greater than 150mm, should take relevant measures to prevent the occurrence of temperature cracks.