Chemical Grout Injection

Chemical Grout Injection Services

Void Filling, Hydrophilic Grouting, Expansive Foam Injection, and Compaction Grouting

Void filling – Manufacturing machines that vibrate and thump material also vibrate the pad they sit on. While you may not see evidence on the concrete surface; machines that frequently need adjusted or re-calibrated are usually result of voids beneath the slab.

Earth Injecting – Chemical earth injection, compaction grouting, or commonly know as permeation grouting is a cost effective technique designed to stabilize sub-soils to greater depths than economically feasible with traditional methods. Often, soil problems can be traced to poorly compacted fill, loose soils, infiltration of water, and failure to over excavate and re-compact a building site properly.

We offer fast and friendly service, as well as, a variety of grouting material and equipment to adapt to the demands of each project.