A Brief Introduction To Sealants

A brief introduction to sealants

A sealant is a form of material, which is used to seal gaps and holes to make something airtight or watertight.

When you use sealant, you effectively form a seal, which prevents the movement of fluids and liquids.

Sealant is sometimes compared to caulking.

The main difference between building caulking and sealing is the flexibility of the seal.

Sealants tend to be made from much more flexible materials.

This makes them useful for areas and joints where a degree of contraction or expansion may occur.

They are not the same as adhesives, but it is possible to utilise sealants that have adhesive properties.

Sealants are used widely, and may come in handy for those working in the following industries:

  • construction

  • automotive

  • engineering

  • aerospace

  • marine

As well as those with an interest in DIY and property maintenance.

There are many different forms of sealant.

This guide will focus on silicone and polyurethane sealant.

Although these sealants have similarities, there are some significant differences.