Adhesive And Automobiles

Adhesive is widely used in the automobiles as an indispensable chemical, and its important role in the auto industry cannot be ignored.

It is usually applied in the following aspects for automobile:
Bonding: automobile housing, liner materials, sound insulation, heat insulation, seats, braking system, label plate, lights,etc.
Sealing: welding the gaps, automobile housing, windshield glass, windows and doors;
Locking and fastening: bolts and components;
Repairing: cylinders, water tanks, fuel tanks, tyre;

Due to present automobile technology’s requirements that get the structure material lighter and drivers safer, save energy, protect environment and make it more comfortable and beautiful, some new materials have to be adopted, such as, aluminium alloy, glass fiber reinforced plastics, honeycomb sandwich construction, plastics and rubber. As a result, a large amount of adhesives are required instead of welding.