Advantage Of Epoxy Motar

Epoxy mortar refers to the epoxy resin coating added fine quartz sand made by manual deployment, for the construction of objects, industrial floors, epoxy floor construction, in order to increase compression, seismic, wear resistance and weatherability in the middle Polymers, can greatly improve the service life and service life of the soil layer.

 product advantages

1, chemical stability, corrosion and weather resistance is good.

2, the consolidation of a high bond strength, high compressive strength and not subject to structural limitations.

3, with reinforcement, reinforcement effect.

4, with impermeability, frost resistance, salt, alkali, resistance to weak acid corrosion properties, and with a variety of materials, a strong bond.

5, coefficient of thermal expansion and concrete close, it is not easy to get off from these bonded substrates, durability is good.