The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Injection System

Both epoxy and urethane injections are cost effective, minimally invasive foundation repair solutions that ensure the future structural soundness of your home. In addition, epoxy and urethane are both insensitive to moisture,do not shrink over time,penetrate your foundation deeply, and quickly adhere to all foundation materials – including concrete, metal and wood.Our epoxy and urethane injections systems are available in three viscosities (low, medium, and high) for any application. While epoxy is the most cost effective solution, urethane is beneficial because it can be applied to damp surfaces.

While our crack injection solutions offer many advantages, they are not ideal for extensive damage. If you have cracks that are too large for epoxy or urethane injections, or if the wall we are working with is severely bowed, we may have to use wall anchors or carbon fiber to solve the issue. In addition, if your foundation has already incurred more serious structural damage, we will need to use a more invasive method of repair.

Overall, our crack injection solutions are the best solution for foundation issues that have not progressed past the cracking stage. Compared to other crack repair methods, they are minimally invasive, more affordable, and preventive of further deterioration.