Anti - Corrosion Acrylic Resin Coating Work Safety Precautions

Anti - corrosion Acrylic Resin coating work safety precautions
      Painting work homework affected a number of hazards, in the coating of raw and auxiliary materials, the majority of burning, detonation and toxicity and other physical and chemical properties, some materials in the homework process there are dust hazards, so, fluorocarbon paint and other anti-corrosion Acrylic Resin coating Please pay attention to safe construction work.
High homework: people in - designated as the height of the baseline to carry out homework. In the building within the homework, if the posture of more than 2m long operation, that is high homework. In the Acrylic Resin homework, high places in the high fall occurred, the impact of the largest impact of the accident. Accurate wear helmets, seat belts or according to the provisions of the structure of safety net, can effectively remove casualties.
Electrical hazards: electrical class on the hazards of painting, not only caused by fire and knock, but also spread to other security matters. Electrical hazards include static electricity, lightning, electric shock hazards. Static electricity will make the body by lightning, resulting in burning and knocking and other hazards. Lightning is the occurrence of lightning, the electrical facilities, control system of corruption, causing damage to the human body. Electric shock accident to the old things suddenly, in a very short period of time caused serious repercussions, endangering the lives of people.
Chemical pollution and toxicity damage: flux Acrylic Resin product itself has a certain chemical hazards. In the ice work, we should pay attention to the Acrylic Resin in the flux, thinner caused by oxygen pollution on the body are harmful.
Fire danger, detonation crisis: dissolved Acrylic Resin, and paint used in the diluent, etc., are mostly flammable and explosive materials, solid painting itself, there is the risk of fire and knock the hidden danger. There is no reason to comply with the operating regulations, prone to discharge sparks; waste paint, paint fog, Acrylic Resin and flux waste cloth and other well-kept, piled up in one case prone to spontaneous combustion And ignited; electrical facilities or improper selection, or damage after there is no timely training, explosion-proof level is not enough; thunderstorm season lightning storm.
Noise hazards: beyond 100dB of sound that is strong noise, this noise under the work of people, will briefly reduce the hearing, but to recover. But in more than 150dB above the noise caused by hearing loss, and even deaf, can not be restored. Thus, beyond 85dB must adopt protection initiatives. Noise levels Depending on the type and location of the facility, the coordinates will differ. Outstanding noise requirements protect the mechanic's hearing.
National building Acrylic Resin industry is located in the slow development of static secondary school, about 4 trillion of real estate investment and more than 20 million square meters of construction area, to our building lacquer market supply and demand performance has been strong. Can be said that a strong market supply and demand caused the construction of the national construction of Acrylic Resin canopy development. Building Acrylic Resin to the total yield of Acrylic Resin 34% and dominate the world, the construction of Acrylic Resin industry has been integrated into the world building Acrylic Resin system, building Acrylic Resin in the future development will go to the industry high-end. Unless in the low-carbon environment under the premise of maintaining the international construction of Acrylic Resin industry development, the decision to national construction Acrylic Resin development trend of another condition is the development of national finance, and macro-oriented more effective.