Anticorrosively Waterproof Material

Anticorrosively waterproof material


1, for a wide range: for marble, cultural stone, artificial stone, chopped stone, tiles, mosaics, inscriptions and other stone and brick products, anti-corrosion.

2, the overall effect is good: both waterproof erosion, but also moisture, frost, anti moss, weathering, pollution and other comprehensive effects.

3, to maintain the original style: the use of this product after the stone or brick surface does not produce any color, texture, appearance changes, to maintain the original style.

Construction method

1, cleaning: cleaning stone surface contaminants, so that there is no floating soil and mortar.

2, dry: so that natural stone dry, 8 hours may not touch the rain, 24 hours can be installed construction. 

3, spray: stone surface dry, with a spray gun, brush, roller in the stone surface evenly spray until the treated surface is completely saturated.

4, conservation: 24 hours without water, free from pollution. Suitable for construction temperature 0 ~ 40oC

Reference dosage: 10-15 square meters per kilogram


In industrial production or daily life, by the building settlement, deformation, aging and other factors, the inevitable emergence of building facilities or confined space leakage phenomenon, affecting the industrial production and daily life.

High polymer resistance High weathering waterproof composite material series is designed specifically for the construction of the gap of the anti-seepage flexible film material, because of its strong adhesive properties and ductility (ductility of 600%), in the cement, asphalt and other surface coating After the mechanical method can only be used to clear, can adapt to the harshest environment and climate, in the technical thickness of the service life of at least 10 years.

1, convenience: open the bucket can be used, do not need primer, you can use a brush or roller applicator

2, fast: coated with a layer of 0.25mm material can be waterproof for 2 hours (the temperature is not less than 4.5 degrees)

3, adhesion: almost at the same time stick to all hard surfaces (metal, concrete, glass, plastic, etc.), once coated, almost only power to destroy

4, aging: organic polymer materials, excellent anti-aging. But also a small crack can naturally heal, with self-repair cracks in the waterproof effect

5, anti-corrosion: with excellent oil resistance, ozone resistance and other anti-corrosion properties of a variety of media

6, the rate of extension: the rate of 600%, can adapt to the harshest environment and climate

7, reflectivity: white coating, can reflect 95% of the solar energy

8, the service life: the technical thickness of the service life of at least ten years


1, the movable part of the building facilities, the new and old parts of the lap

2, light steel workshop, housing, color steel plate bonding, sealing

3, metal roof and grain depots

4, around the skylight, right angle, dead ends

5, through the wall pipe, chimney, vent hole

6, light steel structure bonding, sealing

7, basement, bathroom, bathroom and other leakage seal