Application Of Acrylic Resin - Color Anti - Skid Pavement

Application of Acrylic Resin - Color Anti - skid Pavement
Need to understand the Acrylic Resin - color non-slip road applications,
In China, although the average level of urban road construction is still in the second phase of the development process, to solve the road network planning and design, improve urban road capacity, reduce traffic accidents is still the main subject of urban construction. However, China is a very unbalanced country, some large cities, special economic zones, coastal areas of economic development is fast, the need for a good investment environment to promote and strengthen international cooperation, and the establishment of the Economic Development Zone led to even the same city, The requirements for road construction and environmental art are also very uneven. Therefore, in these economically developed areas of urban landscape environment began to make progress gradually, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Dalian, Zhongshan and other places have been born by the color pavement, both in traffic safety management Role, but also to improve the city's external space environment show unique charm of the decorative features.
In the 21st century, with the rapid development of urban road construction and the continuous improvement of economic level, the color road surface as a kind of urban road surface layer pavement material will have a good development prospect in the 21st century.
Color non-slip coating is a solvent-free two-component cold plastic coating. (99%), with excellent wear resistance, the use of the cycle to be guaranteed. It is a kind of Acrylic Resin. It is a kind of Acrylic Resin. The appearance of the coating is liquid, is a resin polymer, pigments, fillers and additives such as the composition of the mixture. According to its construction can be divided into spraying and scratch coating. Construction without heating, high efficiency, easy to re-coating, the coating will not be softened due to the summer temperature rise, so that the glass beads into the paint film and the loss of reflective effect. The product overcomes the shortcomings of the solvent type (the environment is short, the service life is short), the hot melt type (construction safety is not good, the efficiency is low, it is difficult to recoat, easy to peel off), carry forward the solvent type (construction is simple, easy to re-coating) and Hot melt type (long life, can spray glass beads) the advantages of more play its safety and durability.
1, environmental protection
As a result of all the raw materials in the coating drying involved in the chemical cross-linking reaction, a significant reduction in the proportion of solvent evaporation, solid content of 99% or more, the volatile ratio of <1%.
2, road adhesion
Acrylic Resin Color non-slip pavement before curing by the composition of low molecular weight molecules, scraping on the ground easily into the ground after the small gap, cross-linked curing can be tightly embedded in the ground; after curing the film and the ground expansion coefficient is very close, even in the Temperature range of the larger north, is not easy to peel off. In the cement floor, compared with other types of coating products, better reflect the advantages of color anti-skid pavement adhesion.
3, weatherability
Acrylic Resin olor non-slip pavement paint selection of high weather resistance of the two-component Acrylic Resin as the main raw material, so that color anti-slip road more excellent weather resistance, the road will not appear cracking or powder phenomenon.
4, stain resistance
Acrylic Resin Color non-slip pavement coating by cross-linking curing reaction, the formation of network structure, high lethal coating, oil and dust is difficult to enter, have better stain resistance.