Application Of Neutral Sealant

1: Suitable for aluminum alloy doors and windows, titanium alloy doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows installation, general decorative caulking seal

2: Suitable for all kinds of glass curtain wall, aluminum-plastic plate curtain wall, stone dry hanging and other weatherproof seal

3: Adhesive seals for slats, doors and windows

4: Suitable for porous stone, laminated glass, insulating glass, mirror glass, coated glass, zinc, copper, iron materials, etc. Adhesive caulking seal.

5: Suitable for all kinds of glass, metal, aluminum, ceramic tile, organic glass, coated glass joint sealing

6: Suitable for joint sealing of concrete, cement, masonry, rock, marble, steel, wood, anodized aluminum and painted aluminum surfaces. In most cases, no primer is required.

7: Suitable for dry cleaning of metal, glass, most non-greasy wood, silicone resin, vulcanized silicone rubber, ceramics, natural and synthetic fibers, and many paint plastic surface bonding

8: Can be used to bond ceramics, sanitary ware, marble, etc.