Application Of Plugging Spirit

Plugging spirit is absorbed at home and abroad advanced technology developed efficient, moisture-proof, impermeable, plugging material, but also excellent bonding material. The materials were quick-setting type (mainly for anti-seepage plugging) and retarding type (mainly used for moisture-proof, seepage) are two-component gray powder.


1, non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible can be used for drinking water projects.

2, coagulation hardening fast solidification early strength.

3, impermeability, plugging, slight expansion, instant stop water.

4, Ying, back water can be construction, construction convenience.

5, water construction, moisture, impermeability, rapid plugging.

6, plugging solidification time optional, waterproof adhesive to complete a strong bond, impermeability and compression.

7, combined with the matrix into a whole, not aging, good water resistance.