Application Of Polyurethane Sealant

The main purpose of polyurethane sealant is civil construction, transportation and so on. As in Japan, about 75 ~ 80% of the polyurethane sealant used in construction, 15% for the automotive, machinery manufacturing, 5% for civil and other aspects.

Concrete applications in the construction are: concrete prefabricated pieces of building materials such as connection and construction joints fill seal, doors and windows around the wooden frame and the wall between the concrete sealing caulking, building light structure (such as curtain wall) paste Caulking, balcony, swimming pool, bathroom and other facilities waterproof caulking, air conditioning and other systems at the junction of the seal, double glazing insulation, thermal window seal and so on.

Polyurethane sealants in the automotive applications are: windows (mainly windshield) assembly seal, the body and other components of the assembly.

In civil engineering, polyurethane sealant is used in caulking sealing of telescopic joints such as high-grade roads, bridges and runways, as well as sewer joints of sewer, underground gas pipelines, wire and electric circuit pipes, etc. of concrete, pottery, PVC and the like Of the connection seal, subway tunnels and other underground tunnels at the junction of the seal.