Automotive Sealant

Sealant in the vehicle maintenance, sealing has its own particularity. Because most of the combined surface by the use and removal, have varying degrees of deformation and damage, making leakproof seal increases the difficulty of the "three leaks" problem in the automotive repair industry is particularly prominent. Some parts because of the location and pressure higher relationship, the incidence of oil spills has been high, has become a major problem to improve the quality. Such as the engine valve chamber side cover in the side position, the internal gas pressure effect, combined with the side cover for the metal deformation, and the structure of the intermediate bolt fastening and many other factors, so that part of the oil spill problem is particularly prominent . Anaerobic sealant has a good anti-loose effect, can completely replace the spring washers and flat washers. Anaerobic adhesives are used for all bolt locking in vehicle maintenance. Especially in some key parts of the bolt to use, to give full play to its unique role. For example, the connecting rod bolt on the engine is very prominent in the anti-loosening of the connecting rod bolt because of its strong reciprocating impact load. Anaerobic adhesive can solve the problem. Anaerobic sealants can also seal leaks. After the bolt is tightened, there is still a certain gap between the threads, a small amount of leakage can still occur. Especially in some high-pressure parts, the problem of leak prevention is outstanding. The old method of adding a copper pad or leaded oil is not very effective, and the use of anaerobic adhesive can solve this problem.