Bathroom Waterproofing Practices

1, the ground leveling before the bathroom waterproof treatment

The ground can be found in the direction of the floor drain, cement mortar or bean concrete, but the surface should be flat. The slope near the door is small, and the slope near the floor drain is large, and it is mastered according to the specific situation. The ground is not flat, it may be unevenly applied when applying waterproof coating, or the ground may be cracked easily due to unevenness. Even if it is coated with waterproof paint, it will crack along the ground.


2. The root of the pipeline is strengthened and waterproof.

The pipeline penetrates the root of the slab to enhance waterproofing. The tube root building sealant is tightly sealed. After the cement is smoothed and the foot is protected, the waterproof layer of the glass cloth is reinforced with 1~2 layers of the glass cloth reinforcement layer. The same measures are near the floor drain.

3, bathroom waterproof wall treatment

The wall surface is clean and flat, no floating ash, small particles, and the surface of the wall and ground is wiped with a small original angle or a slope angle. When brushing the waterproof coating, stick the reinforced layer of glass cloth to 1~2 layers.

4, polyurethane waterproof coating thickness

The total thickness of the polyurethane waterproof coating film is required to be 1.5 mm or more, which cannot be determined by the number of passes. The root of the tube and the corner reinforcement layer are brushed first. After drying at room temperature for 4 hours, a large area is painted and scraped. There must be no scratching or bubbling. After a large area of painting for 24 hours, the next layer is applied.

5, bathroom waterproof brush

After painting the façade, apply the plane and the direction of the next brush is perpendicular to the previous one. When the film is semi-cured for the last time, the coarse sand is thrown to facilitate the later bonding with the cement mortar.


6, bathroom waterproof floor painting requirements

The ground waterproof layer should be painted 30cm away from the bathroom door, the waterproof floor waterproof layer should be 20cm above the ground, and the bathroom wall waterproof layer with shower should be 180cm above the ground.