Bentonite Waterstop Strip Description

Bentonite rubber water  applications: 

bentonite rubber water expansion seal, also known as BW rubber seal, or BW composite seal tape. Mainly used in all kinds of buildings, structures, tunnels, underground construction, water conservancy projects, road and railway engineering, industrial and agricultural construction and other underground parts of the concrete construction joints. Various need to seepage of the structural joints, water pipes and concrete seams, exterior walls, floors, walls and the ground construction joints and other cracks in the water seepage.

 Second, the inspection and acceptance criteria and methods: The implementation of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Construction issued by the People's Republic of China Construction Industry Industry Standard JG / T14 1 2001 

Third, the main technical performance indicators: 1, 4H water absorption expansion rate of 200%. 2, 24H Water absorption expansion rate of 400%. 3, the density of 1. 6 0.1g /. 4, anti-water pressure 1.5MPa. 5, heat resistance 8 0, 2H no flow. 6, low temperature flexibility -20, 2H no crack. 7, 24H is not muddy water resistance.