Building Sealant

Building sealants are mostly synthetic adhesives, the main polymer, its nature can be divided into three categories: the nature of the body, the nature of the process and nature of use (product performance). The bulk nature depends on the chemical properties and physical structure of the sealant host polymer, which can be accurately measured repeatedly. The nature of the process refers to the sealant in the manufacturing process to show the relevant characteristics.

The nature of use (product properties) It goes without saying that mainly refers to the overall performance of the sealant in the formation of cements to form a cemented joint, the performance depends on the sealant building seams functional requirements. Whether for the building's exterior envelope or architectural interior decoration; whether it be window structures or other forms of enclosure and decorative structure, they can be seen as a unit, then there will be a seam between each unit, the vast Most require construction sealant to seal the fill. The rational design of construction joints, the understanding of building sealants, reasonable selection of materials and construction of the correct construction of the seal is to ensure the success of construction joints sealed the whole process is essential.