Can The Grout Be Used As A Cushion

Can the Grout be used as a cushion
Before a user is to do the construction of epoxy floor paint, generally in the large underground parking garage to do the construction of epoxy level is basically less than Grouting, large sites are generally filled with concrete, and this construction is Carried out in the room, due to the small size of the cast-in-place concrete is not as large as the site of the site, so that the constraints of the construction conditions! The original grass is an old ground, the surface of the potholes without any strength, and epoxy floor of this composite material construction requirements are very strict, if there is no solid grass-roots late, to do the effect is certainly not work, There will be serious cracking. The cost of their own very high project, if there is a problem then deal with it is very troublesome, then how to do the grass-roots treatment is very important, this time the user selected my company's high-strength non-shrinkage Grouting products, its superior performance, Packaging portable, can be directly arrived at the site construction site, open the bag with water can be applied to mix, with the basic use of concrete, pouring out after three days will be able to achieve the desired strength, the surface is very hard, but also wear characteristics, Used to do the effect of epoxy floor cushion is really appropriate!
How should the Grouting construction work?
Operation should pay attention to what, the following let the Grouting to answer for you:
1: Grouting specifications is 40 kg per bag is a composite kraft paper bag packaging, site construction should pay attention to open the packaging after mixing method in the mixing time do not bag a bag to stir, the best one more time to stir a few bags , So that the effect of stirring and the state will be the best, which is why, because the Grouting in the production process which stir tank discharge is time, the first came out of the material is more uniform, and finally released into the Grouting inside Aggregate more will be precipitated and lead to their own mix is not so uniform This is the first point to pay attention to!
2: add water to control this must be in accordance with the instructions to strictly operate, we recommend the amount of water are generally 13 percent, up to this value can not exceed the minimum can not be less than 10 percent, too much Add water will lead to the slurry in the mixing when the water is too full, the aggregate sink water-reducing agent floating, if pouring such a Grouting problem on the big, not solidified, no strength, the latter there will be a lot of trouble!
According to the Grouting mechanism can be divided into two kinds of Grouting means: First, press the Grouting, one is the use of higher pressure cracks in the split Grouting. Fracture Grouting is used in the Grouting technique of earth dams.
Split Grouting is based on the law of dam stress distribution, and the fractures are machined through a certain Grouting pressure. The split channel is filled with the same type of cement slurry to form a vertical cutoff wall. At the same time, Good clogging of cracks and voids in the walls. In the current dam structure, the application of soil dam Grouting technology has an important role in improving impermeability and integrity. At the time of Grouting, the slurry should meet the requirements of the groove and the voids of the dam. At the same time, these filling Grouting should meet the aesthetic design requirements. In the Grouting of the river channel, When the dam is generally poor in rolling quality, the hole setting can be arranged in double or multiple rows at the time of Grouting, and can be applied to the current requirements of bank slope and bending section.
The emergence of dike Grouting technology is a new milestone in Grouting technology. On the basis of summarizing the construction technology of traditional dam Grouting, summarizing the law and innovating, it has formed a kind of Grouting technology with small investment, quick effect and simple technology. Has been widely used in the water conservancy projects which. In the following, we analyze the mechanism of slurry and dam pressure based on the stress analysis of mud splitting.