Cement-based Infiltration Crystal Waterproof Material

1, product introduction

Cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing material is a waterproof material composed of Portland cement, quartz sand, special active chemical substances. Under the guidance of water, with water as a carrier, with strong permeability, in the concrete pores and capillary transport, filling, the materialized reaction, the formation of water-insoluble branches vine-like crystals, crystals and concrete structures combined into a closed The overall waterproof layer, blocking water from any direction and other directions of water flow and other liquid erosion.

2, product features

(1) has an extraordinary waterproof ability

① strong resistance to water pressure, long-term by the strong pressure.

② strong penetration: put it outdoor for six months, the penetration depth of 100-150mm

③ very long self-healing waterproof: less than 0.4mm cracks can be self-healing

(2) has a unique breathing, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, protection of steel capacity.

① The material can maintain the normal internal air permeability of concrete structures, road dry, not tide, while it can block the passage of water molecules.

② The material has anti-chemical corrosion.

③ The material is anti-aging, has a certain anti-radiation ability.

④ After the concrete is treated by the material, it can improve the protection ability of the concrete to the steel bar, and can also cause flaking, weathering and other damage caused by freezing and thawing.

(3) Environmental protection, non-toxic, pollution-free.

(4) Excellent compatibility with other materials. The material can also be used in concrete pouring and cement simultaneously.

(5) Simple construction, labor-saving.

(6) low temperature. No cracking, flaking, no change.