Characteristics Of Chemical Grouting

An important member of building waterproofing materials, chemical grouting material, also known as waterproofing pulp, is equivalent to waterproofing membrane, waterproof coating, waterproof putty or clay, rubber waterstop or metal waterstop.

 The difference is that the chemical grouting material has the following characteristics: 1 It is a solution, and it is a true solution, never layering, no precipitation; 2 very low viscosity, some pulps are even close to water; 3 curing or gelling Time can be artificially controlled; 4 pump can be used to inject cracks, fill cracks, block leakage water, have the function of repairing water stop structure in situ or constructing anti-seepage curtain separately, especially suitable for underground concealed works; 5 volume during solidification or gelation The shrinkage is small; 6 the cured product or the gel itself does not seep; 7 the cured product or gel has good durability. 

The above features and functions are not available or can not be replaced by building waterproof materials. For this reason, chemical grouting materials have special importance in waterproof engineering and become an indispensable member of building waterproofing materials.