Chemical Epoxy Grout Plugging Two Cases Of Precautions

Chemical Epoxy Grout plugging two cases of precautions
 Reinforced Epoxy Grout material use a lot of the most commonly used is to increase the cross-section reinforcement method, replacement of concrete reinforcement and epoxy grouting material grouting reinforcement, the following is reinforced epoxy grouting material instructions:
1, Epoxy Grout material increased cross section reinforcement method
The method of increasing the cross section method is the most common method to strengthen the reinforced concrete structure, and then it is a kind of reinforcement method to increase the component cross section standard, increase the force reinforcement and then improve the bearing capacity of the structure. It can be applied to concrete beams, columns, bench and other types of components. The advantages of the method of increasing the cross section method are: the construction skill is feasible, the construction staff has no special requirements, the construction is convenient, the quality is easy to control, the ruggedness is high, and the resistance of the structural member can be improved effectively, and the stability of the column can be improved to a great extent. But the method is also subject to a certain degree of space, the application of functional constraints such as the premise that the shortcomings expressed to a certain extent, will reduce the structure of the space, the site construction work more.
2, high - strength Epoxy Grout material replacement concrete reinforcement method
This method is applicable to the reinforcement of reinforced concrete beams, columns and other load-bearing members with low strength or less than the required quality problems. Replacement method is to replace the original part of the shortcomings and replace the new concrete, the advantages of important components that can be restored to restore the original appearance, and do not tamper with the original space and build structural space (to build the blank is not affected), but The method also has shortcomings and uselessness, mainly for the construction of a long time, the removal of old concrete things and the need for the surrounding impact, the original structure of the drug to do support and temporary reinforcement.
3, epoxy grouting material grouting reinforcement
Grouting method was first used in the construction project, has been 170 years of history, at present, has been widely used at home and abroad to the well, tunnel, water conservancy, hydropower and other projects, become in complex geological conditions, dealing with collapse, , Landslide and other technical methods, one of the reinforcement of broken rock, improve the stability of the tunnel has other methods difficult to achieve the effect.
Epoxy Grout reinforcement method can be based on the construction of specific construction technology for construction, such as Epoxy Grout material problems, you can consult the Epoxy Grout material manufacturers.
First, the chemical Epoxy Grout technology profile
Concrete building cracks are the main cause of damage to concrete buildings, cracks and leakage of water is the most troublesome problem, because the cracks inside the concrete is completely irregular. General traditional plugging method is to crack the cracks or leaks, the surface plugging, but the result is often blocked here, where they began to leak. Because the water can be in the concrete cracks in the irregular movement, from the relatively weak parts of the oozing.
Chemical Epoxy Grout generally refers to the preparation of the slurry by the chemical material, through the drilling of Epoxy Grout mouth buried, the use of pressure into the structural cracks, so that the proliferation, solidification, to waterproof, plugging, reinforcement, reinforcement the goal of. Commonly used to repair the deeper concrete structure cracks. According to the pressure and speed of Epoxy Grout, can be divided into high pressure fast Epoxy Grout and low pressure slow Epoxy Grout method.
High-pressure chemical epoxy grouting plugging technology is the use of Epoxy Grout machine to produce sustained high pressure, the chemical liquid liquid poured into the concrete inside the gap, and the seam of water completely squeeze, the gap is fully filled, The purpose of water.