Chemical Grout

Chemical grout has been used in storm & wastewater collection system rehabilitation since 1955 and is still one of the best, most cost effective, long term solutions against infiltration of groundwater. Grouting chemicals are pumped under pressure to damaged pipeline sections or joints using specialized equipment and packers. The chemical grouts are forced through the leaking cracks or joints and into the surrounding soil where they gel with the soil to form a waterproof mass which cannot be pushed back into the collection system. This water-tight collar adheres to the outer surface of the pipe or manhole where it will stay indefinitely unless removed by excavation or over exposure to sunlight for extensive periods of time.

Chemical grout can also provide a solution for damage caused by root intrusion, which is often a costly, destructive intruder in storm or wastewater pipelines and sewer service laterals. Roots can enter through microscopic openings or cracks and quickly grow in size and strength. This root growth will further open or crack the strongest systems, leading to substantial inflow which overload treatment plants, clog collection systems and wash away essential supporting subsoil and lead to pavement or sidewalk collapse.

Our company has over many years of experience in the use of chemical grout and operates a range of specialist equipment for the repair of pipelines, sewer laterals and manholes.

We provides preventative maintenance programs for the inspection and repair of storm & wastewater collection systems and which offer clients substantial savings in effluent discharge costs, repair or regulatory fines.