Chemical Grouting

We’ll Tell You The Truth

We’re going to tell you something you may not hear from other foundation repair companies.Not every foundation problem is caused by a sinkhole. Florida of United States is composed largely of loose sands and soils that are easily eroded, that means that below any structure there may be shifting that is not caused by a sinkhole. This is called “shallow ground activity”, which occurs between depths of 5-10ft. and is simply the result of loose soils. This is why we utilize the repair method known as chemical grouting.

Chemical Grouting is needed when:

The structure lies on loose sands and soils.

The soil beneath the structure has shifted or run off with heavy rains.

Shallow ground activity is present in surrounding areas.

Inspections have confirmed that no sinkhole is present below the home, however shifting in the foundation is occurring.

History of Chemical Grouting

Chemical Grouting is the most modern process of foundation repair. With advances in construction and engineering techniques, the use of chemicals underground is much safer and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Modern Method

We locate specific injection points arround the home, and utilizing advanced detection methods, we can target the areas where the soil is the most loose. The chemical is injected evenly below the home, to depths between 5-10ft. After injection, the chemical begins to harden and forms a solid pad below your foundation, clumping the loose soil together, and preventing your foundation from shifting to the loose soils.

Often people hear the word “Chemical” and they get scared, however the solution we use is completely environmentally friendly and will pose absolutely no threat to surrounding folia… meaning that your lawn and garden will stay green.