Chemical Grouting And Soil Stabilization Process

Our company has many experience in the application of two-part polyurethane for foundation lifting, soil stabilization, and sewer rehabilitation.

In regards to foundation repair, chemical grout is a highly adaptable material that uses expansion as a means to lift and/or stabilize foundation slabs. Once injected, chemical grout expands up to 25 times its initial volume with impressive weight-bearing capacity.With specialized injection patterns, the expansion can be used to fill voids, increase the soils weight bearing capacity, or create upward lift to realign foundation slabs.This process can be used in compliment to foundation piering to stabilize the upper soil layers or to help stabilize and lift interior slabs and footers.

Experience is Everything

In order to ensure project success, a contractor must understand how to inject, how to design the injection patterns, and what to watch out for to ensure project success.  If the pattern is wrong, the project goals will not be met. If the contractor is not stringent in how much material or volume they inject, they could cause damage or create higher costs than budgeted. If they don’t know what to watch for while they are injecting, they can overlift slabs leading to cracking or property damage.  Our company’s experience keeps us from making these mistakes and helps ensure your project is a success.

Chemical Grouting Applications

Addressing settlement

Trenchless sewer repair

Slab compaction and voidfill

Groundwater restriction and control