Chemical Grouting For Sinking Floors

Sinking floors can be common in both new homes and older homes.

The most common causes we find once we visit site are

Downpipes next to corners of home or piers supporting heavy structure can distribute a lot of water to soil over time undermining footings.

Compaction is sometimes a cause when builder does not properly compact house pad. This leads to voids developing over time.

Dirty fill used for house slab which contains rubble also can cause voids to develop.

Disturbed footing, for example sewage upgrade along house where soil is not returned to proper compaction with old clay sewage pipe and rubble left, creating voids which lead to subsidence.

How do we fix Sinking Floors?  Chemical grout injection is applied where support is needed,  underpinning provides a stable solid foundation, halting sinking structures with subsidence problems.