Chemical Grouting Solutions

For decades, chemical grouts have been the solution for sealing leaking cracks and

fractures within sound substrates and the stabilization of unsound earthen materials.

These substrates can vary from 4” (10cm) thick concrete, vast amounts of natural stone, to tons of

loose soil in an excavated embankment. In all instances, water is present, which creates problems

for the owner. To stop the infiltration of the water, a decision must be made on whether to use the

water present as part of the solution, or to just move the water out of the problem area. In either

case, chemical grouts, primarily based on urethane technology, are injected or placed to serve as

the remedy.

These single and dual component urethane-based grouts solve problematic leaks in otherwise

sound substrates, as well as solidify unstable earthen mounds and embankments. Once cured, these grouts create a foam or gel that seals cracks, joints, and other pathways, preventing any further water leakage.


Chemical grouting is ideal for sealing leaking cracks & joints in wet, damp or below grade environments such as:

Water & wastewater treatment facilities

Failed waterstops

Sewers & manholes

Below grade walls subject to high water tables

Concrete & earthen dams