China PU Injection Grouting Manufacturers


Single component hydrophilic PU grout is designed to control water and seal cracks in concrete. The cured material is a very effective water barrier. When hydrophilic urethanereacts with water, this liquid expands and quickly to form flexible closed-cell foam to fill the defective area. After curing, it becomes extremely tough and adhesive foam capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and movements.


Short waiting times during the works. Very reactive with water and can complete foaming process within 1~2 minutes.

Better crack penetrstion due to low viscosity.

Better sealing due to great adhesion with concrete.

High resistance to aggressive chemicals. Can retain its properties when mixed with weak base or weak acid, even with seawater. Permanent repair and long-term flexiblity.


Leak stopping for diaphragm wall, basement, crack of RC structural, underground garage, small holes, tunnel, culvert, underground channels,etc.