Choose The Right Adhesives For A Healthy Home

People usually ignore many details in the decorating process, such as, don’t adopt the right substrates and adhesives when decorating home; don’t choose the healthy and environmental friendly furniture after the decoration. Owing to the small amount of adhesives applied in the decorating and furniture production, many consumers aren’t concerned about these details.

In fact, adhesives plays an important role in our daily life. If we aren’t able to adopt healthy and environmental friendly adhesives, it will probably become the “invisible killer” in the long time. It is very harmful to use the inferior adhesives for the decorating projects and home, such as the high levels of formaldehyde and benzene. The formaldehyde releases about 15 years. If the adopted adhesives containing this composition at home, it seems that people is taking drugs every day. If the suggestions helping there are kids in the family, it will be very harmful for their healthy growth. 

With the continuous development of our economy, the improvement of people’s living standard and the enhancement of personal protection and environmental protection, people have urgent requirements for the green architectural and decorating materials. We hope more and better green architectural materials are innovated and produced.

The suggestions to choose healthy and environmental friendly adhesive are as follow: 

1.There is the ten-ring sign on the package and the instructions present the correct ratio of toxic materials.

2. It requires anti-fake labels, work instructions, certificates and others.
3. Get the effective test reports about the purchased products from the suppliers.
4. Before purchasing, we should verify and know this brand from every aspect, such as, the effective registered trademark, vivid identification, quality certificates, reasonable price , perfect online sale and good service systems.

The health is closely related to our beautiful living environment, which enables to adjust our mood, cultivate noble spirits and add endless happiness for our life, making our health better. In order to care about our heath, please pay more attention to the use of adhesives, paintings and other related products in the decoration.